The roof designed for maximum liveability and well-being when sailing

    Elegant, sports and full of comfort. This is the Riva 68' Diable, a 20 metre open yacht launched in July on Iseo Lake (Lombardy), which made its official debut in September at the Cannes Boat Show.

    One of its main strengths and novelties is the innovative built-in hard-top, with a linear and clean design, which shelters the central areas and therefore the dining area and the command area on the main deck.

    The hard-top is further enhanced by a double-curved glass roof designed and built by Opac according to the shipyard's specifications.

    The roof can be opened in two directions, forward and reverse. The opening, both towards the bow and the stern, is about twenty centimetres wide and guarantees a spectacular filtering of light and the desired passage of air.

    The roof, which is about two metres wide and one metre long, is made up of an aluminium support frame and a laminated glass panel with an anti-UV and anti-IR protection film on the inside, which acts as a sun filter while maintaining the brightness unchanged. It can be opened even when the boat is in motion and when closed it remains sealed, perfectly isolating the environment below.

    The controls are electric and the mechanisms have a limited footprint, which has allowed them to be installed in ducts inside a thin hard-top.

    The new 68' Diable is defined by the yard as "an inimitable open yacht with a very high concentration of sportiness, innovation and liveability". These enviable characteristics are also helped by the Opac roof, designed to offer maximum liveability and wellbeing when sailing.